Our philosophy

We, as a company, believe in many things.

We believe that our planet is our biggest resource and it needs to be taken care of. That is why we ship our packages with the least amount of papers and flyers possible. Most promo paper sent by companies to customers end up in the trash. This is, in our opinion, a major waste of our resources. The simplicity of our package is not only Eco friendly, but it also allows us to give our clients better prices.

We believe that used cases should not go in the trash that rapidly. They may not be trendy anymore and you may even be tired to see them… But it doesn’t mean they should end up in the trash. Give the case another life before throwing them in the trash. If you do not feel like it, offer them to someone in need! The beauty of our cases will certainly make someone happy :)

We believe in self-expression. Do not be afraid to show the world your true colours! Our own existence is based on helping you express yourself.

We believe in low prices for our costumers! This is why we have a Free case of the month rotation.

Most of all, we believe in love. Love for another. Love for our world. Love for the simple things in life.